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learn how to launch smarter and always know what to do "next" instead of working piecemeal and constantly changing your mind

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Perfect if you're ready to launch your course or coaching program and know you need a plan. Great for beginners and anyone who's launched without a plan before!

What's Included?

✓ 7 short lessons of videos, checklists, and planning templates so that you can make your map fast!

✓ Carefully curated bonus training to help you get the most out of lessons.

✓ "Get to Work" Trello Boards if you love Trello.

✓ "Get to Work" Templates to use in Asana too!

✓ Templates for Webinar Launches, Solo Launches, and more!

✓ Anne's Favorite planning and launch mapping tools along with walk-through videos.

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*currently on sale!

  • Anne, did you really use this launch map strategy with past clients who had 7 figure launches?
    Yes, I did! Every single client I've ever worked with has used this strategy - it's evolved over time but I use it with new business owners and more experienced ones as well.
  • Is this for beginners or more advanced people?
    Anyone who needs help planning and mapping their launch can get value from this program. If you're a beginner, you'll be able to use it no problem!
  • What's the difference between this and Fearless Launching?
    I use the same strategy and teach the same thing in all programs. Do I cover planning in other courses, yes of course, but this is the most detailed you'll get for mapping out your launch.
  • Do I need to buy any specific software or use specific apps to use the templates?
    No. I've created CSV and PDF files of everything, so no matter what you use, you should be fine...even if it's pen and paper!
  • What if I have questions?
    If you have any questions, you can send them to us at We will also have Voxer Group Coaching sessions available this year, so reach out if you're interested.
  • How long do I have access to the materials?
    You have lifetime access to the program. As long as we have materials hosted online, you have access to them! If we ever decide to take anything down, we'll let you know so you can download everything.
  • Will this work if I have a physical product?
    No matter what your product is, you'll have to think through the marketing and promotions of that product. So, yes! I don't provide a lot of alternate examples related to physical products, but we have had people launch planners, books, and clothing after planning their launch.

Want to see a sneakpeek of the course?

I started my business back in 2012 so I could stay home, be available, and give as much time as possible to my one & only baby. Cut to now and I’m still here to support them through high school life!

Balancing moves across the country, life as a single mom, and navigating my own dreams and desires - requires a clear plan and strategy. 

That’s why I created this program so many years ago.

You need a map for doing all the important things you want to do in life - and that especially includes creating a course and launching it.

Launches take so much energy and time, why would you want to create prep or do one on the fly?

Your dreams and why are likely different than mine... 

But having the freedom and desire to be completely self-sufficient is in there somewhere I bet!

If you could create income whenever you needed it because you had a repeatable, simple process in place, what would that do for you? 

Would you feel less stressed and launch your products sooner?

Would you launch live or use a funnel or both?

Would your business be able to launch a product even while you were moving?

Would you take your kids to Disney on their birthdays (even in the middle of the week)?

Would you be able to pay off debt?

Would you be able to say yes to dream clients or dream projects without having your business suffer?

There's so much more success and income on the other side of your profitable launch map -- and I want that for you!

(And it will take you less than 1 day to create it!)

There's just too much you are missing by not having a launch map and plan that you can use, re-use, and improve. 

Creating a launch system that works for you ALLOWS YOU to be LAUNCH and SELL anyway you want...LIVE or off the grid.

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Bundle Your Launch Map with the 12-month map maker

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The 12-Month Map Maker helps you plan and map out your next 12 months of marketing, launches, and so much more! This can be done at the end of the year OR anytime you need to refocus for your NEXT 12 months. Here's what you'll gain instant access to inside the 12-Month MapMaker: 12-Month MapMaker Workshop Training (Video), How To Map Out Your Year Workbook (PDF), Your 12-Month Map Planner (PDF),  Lifetime access, and yearly planner updates!

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Map Your Next Launch - $24

✓ 7 lessons of videos, checklists, and planning templates so that you can make your map fast!

✓ Carefully curated bonus training and experts

✓ "Get to Work" Trello Boards

✓ Templates for Webinar Launches, Solo Launches, and more!

✓ Anne's Favorite planning and launch mapping tools along with walk-through videos.

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